Physical Address: 4401 Penn Ave, 3rd floor Faculty Pavilion, Pittsburgh PA 15224


Contact information: Tony Tarchichi M.D., Director,

Jessica Garrison M.D., Associate Director,


We accept the PHM Fellowship Common Application. Please send completed applications and letters of support to Ms. Tina Laird  (

Number of fellows per year: 1

Length of fellowship: 2 years

Focus: Medical Education, Quality/Patient Safety, Clinical Research

Percent clinical time:  50%

Options for advanced degree: Funding for an advanced degree is available but not guaranteed. Fellows are eligible to apply for Master’s degrees in public health, clinical research or medical education through the University of Pittsburgh. A master’s degree will require a third year of training as well as acceptance into a post-doctoral scholars program for funding and pre-approval from the program director.

Do you accept visas? Yes

Participating in the upcoming NRMP match: Yes