4650 Sunset Blvd, MS 94, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Website: http://www.chla.org/site/c.ipINKTOAJsG/b.8730163/k.C9B2/Hospital_Medicine_Fellowship__Fellowship_Programs.htm#.U26awvldVrY

Contact information:  Jennifer Maniscalco, MD, MPH, Director, jmaniscalco@chla.usc.edu, 323-361-4975

Kira Molas-Torreblanca MD, Associate Director, kmtorreblanca@chla.usc.edu

Martha Verala, Coordinator, mvarela@chla.usc.edu, 323-361-6177

Number of fellows per year: 2

Length of Fellowship: 2 years

Focus: Education, Quality and Safety, Research, Leadership

Percent Clinical Time: 50%

Options for advanced degree or certificate:  Masters of Clinical and Biomedical investigations, Master of Public Health, or other related degree through the University of Southern California

Do you Accept Visas?  visa candidates are considered

Participating in the upcoming NRMP match: yes