When should I start looking for job?  Well, it’s never to early to start thinking about.  Below is a rough timeline to help you out.

10-12 months before: 

  • Start thinking about what type of job you want post-fellowship
  • Talk to your mentors and program directors about what you are looking for and get their advice
  • Start the discussions with your significant other and family regarding the job search
  • Pay attention to any open positions that may be available (via the listserv or set up search alerts on PedsJobs)
  • Make sure your CV is up to date
  • If possible, consider requesting a lighter clinical schedule around when you anticipate you will be interviewing (Jan-Feb of your final year of fellowship)

8-10 months before:

  • Actively contact job openings that interest you on the listserv, PedsJobs, and other search engines
  • Attend career fairs
  • Contact programs that you are interested in joining that may not be posting jobs
  • Ask for letters of recommendations (typically will need about 3, one being your program director)

6-8 months before:

  • Apply for open jobs, contact programs about which you are interested that may not have any open positions
  • Programs will likely ask to set up phone interviews before having you travel for a formal in-person interview
  • Possibly start going to interviews if invited

4-6 months before:

  • Interview for jobs
  • If you receive offers, start looking them over and negotiate as needed
  • Apply for any new state licenses that you may need

2-4 months before:

  • Make a decision!
  • Negotiate and finalize your contract
  • Consider getting your contract reviewed by a lawyer (or at least mentors at your institution)
  • Complete the necessary paperwork for any new state licenses you need
  • Start your credentialing paperwork

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