Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Symptoms, Cure and More Tips

Food poisoning, also called “Foodborne illness,” is a disease provoked by eating junk or contaminated food. Most people who are suffering from food poisoning can recover within a few days without admiring any medical treatment, and it’s typically not dangerous.

But if signs and symptoms get worse and you won’t recover within 24 to 48 hours, it can cause serious health problems such as bloody diarrhea, frequent vomiting, and a high fever and primarily lead you to death.

Food Poisoning
Food Poisoning

E-coli, Salmonella, or norovirus are the considerable ordinary classes of bacteria that develop food poisoning. So how do you notice food poisoning symptoms to take safety precautions? If you want to learn the complete details about food poisoning, its symptoms, and the cure, then keep going over this page.

Food Poisoning Symptoms:

Depending on the origin of the infection, food poisoning symptoms can differ and cannot be noticed easily. Most cases of food poisoning result in one or more complaints, depending on the individual condition. Because the word “food poisoning” is very general and can refer to a wide variety of diseases.


Food poisoning symptoms also depend on what type of virus, bacteria, or parasite is present in your body and triggers this disease. Also, your immune system is the main reason for food poisoning that well is to fight it.


Despite there are no signs and symptoms usually found in th person who is suffering from this disease, some of the common symptoms that present in th patients who have food poisoning are:

●       Vomiting and chest pain.

●       High or low fever.

●       Nausea.

●       Bloody diarrhea.

●       Abdominal pain and cramps.

After you consume junk or contaminated food, the food poisoning symptoms may appear instantly, or it may be taken several days to have appeared and typically lasts a few hours or days.


If your condition is minor, you can mistake it for a virus or the “stomach flu.” Without receiving any cure, you might improve. However, some patients with weak immune systems or other medical conditions may require hospitalization because their symptoms are so severe that they can even lead to death.

Food Poisoning Cure:

The majority of the time, food poisoning may be quickly identified based just on the symptoms, necessitating little to no medical verification. A diagnosis can be made based solely on the symptoms that a patient recounts. Stool tests may be required in specific circumstances to find what is the cause of your food poisoning and what works best to cure it.


Typically, there isn’t anything your physician can do particularly for you to cure the food poisoning, and you recover by yourself in a few days. But if your case is serious and you are experiencing dehydration, which occurs when an adult or child loses a lot of fluids from their body, you may require hospitalization in order to receive an IV shot.


Your fluids and electrolytes will be replaced more quickly as a result when you have administered the IV, and it is the first choice that patients can select from. In some cases of food poisoning, if you have conflicting bacteria such as listeria or e-coli, your doctor will recommend you take the antibiotic.


Additionally, parasite-related food sickness may be treated with these medications, which effectively reduces the symptoms. But if you are suffering from a compromised or unhealthy immune system or are pregnant, your doctor will not recommend using antibiotics.

Home Treatment To Cure Food Poisoning:

If your doctor doesn’t advise you to have IV or antibiotic therapy, there are several at-home cures that can help with the symptoms of food poisoning. Additionally, these natural remedies can successfully stop dehydration, which can exacerbate food poisoning symptoms. Some of the home treatments that you can administer to treat food poisoning are described below:


Because of its potent curative and preventative properties, ginger has been utilized for hundreds of years to cure a wide range of illnesses, such as asthma and stomach pain, because of its antioxidant characteristic. Ginger also facilitates metabolism and enhances nutritional administration and retention.


As a result, it effectively treats sickness and vomiting quickly, providing you with immediate relief. If you have food poisoning, then this home remedy is perfect for you to cure it. To use it, you must take a small chunk of it and chew it slowly. Another method you can try to consume it is to collect its juice and pour it into your milkshake or tea.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is a variety of vinegar that is prepared with apples. This kind of vinegar has alkaline properties and is one of the greatest cures for food poisoning. After taking apple cider vinegar, the alkaline properties will lessen your stomach acidity, which will help you to reduce the symptoms.

Administering gainers is straightforward all you need to do is take one cup that is boiled water and pour 2 to 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into it. Now let it cool at room temperature and drink it, shortly, you will feel a burning sensation in your stomach, which is a good sign. If you want to see the result immediately, then you need to drink the ACV without adding it to water or filtering it.


Cumin seeds, also comprehended as Jeera, help relieve nausea and vomiting from food sickness. Using cumin when you have food poisoning may be very beneficial because it’s quite effective and has a better taste.


To see the result fast, then add 1 or 2 tables of coriander leaves juice and mix it with salt and the cumin powder. Take this prepared drink for a few days, three times daily, to cure food poisoning and to feel better.


Due to their lightness and ease of digestion, bananas are a better treatment for food poisoning. Because of this fruit’s high potassium content, our bodies need to balance fluids, control muscular activity, and transmit electrical impulses.


Bananas are a dependable, efficient, and nutritious treatment for food poisoning. You will see the results quickly if you eat at least one ripe banana each day or drink a glass of banana shake.

Prevention Of Food Poisoning:

Everyone knows that food poisoning is caused by eating unhealthy or contaminated food, as mentioned above, but to avoid it, you can try the prevention described below.

Distinguish Between Raw And Cooked Food:

When purchasing, be sure to keep raw meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish apart from cooked food by storing them in a different area. As a result, inter can be avoided, and you will never get ill from food poisoning.

Use A Food Thermometer:

Food thermometers are the most reliable technique to determine whether food has reached a suitable temperature. Most products can be cooked to the proper temperature to destroy hazardous microbes that cause the disease.

What You Need To Avoid During Food Poisoning:

The bacteria responsible for foodborne illness have already begun fighting back in your body. Your main priority should be preventing the items that actually got you sick in order to prevent giving the assailants who caused the food poisoning additional tools.


Preserve the container closed so the germs and other bacteria can’t access the tainted food and if your food can is opened for a while, trash it immediately. Avoid food such as:

●       Spicy food.

●       Alcohol.

●       Soda or other carbohydrate drinks.

●       Avoid food that is rich in fiber.

●       Dairy goods

●       A fatty diet food.

●       Oily and fried food.

●       Dishes seasoned with nicotine.

●       Fruit juice.


This has been a thorough explanation of the signs of food poisoning as well as what treatment options you can choose to cure it. Keep yourself nourished, dress comfortably, and bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go to not face this illness in the future.

Hope you have found everything you need about food poisoning on this page; if you have any questions regarding this post, please leave your valuable comment or suggestion in the comment box so we can help you with that.

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