Basic questions about the program:

  1. Length of program? Many are 2 years, some are 3.
  2. How many fellows do they take?
  3. Location of program?
  4. How long has the program been around?
  5. How is the division arranged? Is it housed within a department/division of general pediatrics or its own division?
  6. How is the group viewed by the hospital? Will that limit your academic interests/pursuits?

Questions about the clinical experience:

  1. Is there a period of being shadowed or are you independently practicing right away, or a combination thereof?
  2. What types of patients are you expected to see?
  3. Are there resident -covered and non-resident (“attending only”)teams? Will be you be expected to do more of one or the other?
  4. Are there “off-campus” or “community” sites that you will staff (pediatric ward within an adult hospital setting)?
  5. What are the “other” things the group does (i.e. sedation service, palliative care service, chronic care service, “subspecialty hospitalists” such as NICU, PICU, oncology, surgical hospitalist services)?
  6. Will there be elective time?
  7. What is the “call” structure? Are fellows expected to take more or less or is it equitable?

Questions about the non-clinical work /scholarly activities and other educational activities:

  1. Is there the possibility or requirement of an advanced degrees? Further specialized training in a particular domain?
  2. What is the curriculum regarding: education, quality improvement, research, leadership, advocacy?
  3. What is the schedule? Will you have enough time to complete your project (dedicated time for non-clinical work/scholarly activity)?
  4. Is there a formal mentorship program?  If not, how to current fellows identify their mentors?
  5. What activities are current members in the division participating in?  Are there faculty members who have similar interests to you who could be potential mentors?
  6. Do you have dedicated time for conference attendance?
  7. Do you get to participate in the same activities as other pediatric fellows in your program? Is this required or optional?
  8. What projects are current and graduating fellows involved in?
  9. Where are graduating fellows and what are they currently doing?

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