ADHD Symptoms, Cure and More Details

ADHA Symptoms, Cure and More Details

“ADHD,” or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, are generally recognized at an immature age and may heighten as a child’s surroundings changes, especially when they go to the academy or school or are involved in any other social activity. Most cases are identified in children between the ages of 3 and 7, which can occasionally happen … Read more

Lupus Symptoms, Cure and More Updates

Lupus Symptoms, Cure

Lupus, or “Systemic Lupus Erythematosus,” is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes the body’s immune system to become overactive and assault healthy tissue; what’s worse than that? Some people also called it the “disease of a thousand faces” due to its devastating consequence on the absolute body. The immune system is the most basic function … Read more

What is Uti, Symptoms, Cure and Health Tips


The urinary tract’s function is to produce and hold urine, which is one of your body’s waste materials that needs to be eliminated periodically. However, uncommon diseases can occasionally cause it to stay in the pouch, which is extremely dangerous. Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are one of the main issues that can cause serious … Read more

Strep Throat Symptoms, Cure and More Details

Strep Throat

A bacterial illness called strep throat, commonly known as streptococcus pyogenes, can cause soreness and scratchiness in the throat. Strep throat can lead to consequences like rheumatic fever or inflammation of the kidneys if it is not addressed. There are various species of the bacterium streptococcus, some of which are harmful to humans and other … Read more

Flu Symptoms, Cure and More Details

Flu Symptoms, Cure and More Details

We are all vulnerable to contracting and spreading influenza. Being queasy with the flu may prevent you from going to school or your job, not to forget how horrible you’ll feel during the next week or two. The flu, often described as “influenza,” is a viral respiratory disease. Millions of individuals are infected by flu … Read more

Sinus Infection Cure, Symptoms, Types and More

Sinus Infection

Nose congestion that just won’t go away? Probably there is a chance that you may have sinusitis. A sinus infection which is also called sinusitis can result in fluid buildup and sinus blockage. Colds or allergies are the usual culprits that can lead you to a sinus infection. Sinusitis can be annoying and painful for … Read more

Covid Symptoms, Cure, Vaccines and More Details

Covid 19

Do you currently feel ill? Could your sniffles be rendered by COVID-19? or the flu? A cold? Possibly allergies? Since many diseases have distinctive characteristics, determining the root cause can be difficult. They may cause you to cough, sneeze, and feel exhausted. But there are significant variations. Protecting yourself from this devastating disease can help … Read more