Just like for the fellowship application process, you will likely need letters of recommendation.    If a group is interested in pursing you as an applicant, they will likely first reach out to you by phone and if that goes will then proceed with a formal interview and asking for letters to round out your application.

Here are few tips to for letters of recommendations:

  • Ask early in the process.  Contact possible letter writers and make sure they are willing to write letters as you are contacting the various programs for jobs.
  • Provide your letter writers with an updated CV.  They should know you and your accomplishments but it helps to have it on paper for them to reference when they write your letters.
  • When letters are requested, make sure you give your letter writers the contact info and who and how to mail it to the program.   They are doing you a favor, so make it easy for them.
  • Pick people who know you well.  Your program director should be a letter writer but also pick people who know your clinical skills as well as some of your non-clinical work and interests.
  • Consider having somebody from residency write your letter.  Not all your letters have to be from fellowship but can be from other parts of your professional career.
  • Make sure to thank your letter writers.  This is time out their busy schedule so be sure to thank them.

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